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Hey there! I'm Matthew Doty! As an introvert by nature, don't really like talking about myself so I'll give you a super quick rundown.


Professionally I'm a...

  • Multichannel XD Leader with a mastery of HCD and a passion for organizational effectiveness

  • Strategic design thinker & skilled XD practitioner

  • Mentor, coach, and educator for individuals, teams, and organizations

  • Realist with the perfect mix of optimistic drive & pessimistic caution

On the side, I...

  • DJ 

  • Compose Electronic Dance Music

On a more personal level, I...

  • Am a goofball (My wife estimates my internal age to be perpetually between 11-13).   

  • Love spending time with my family and our dog.

  • Enjoy horror movies

  • Aspire to retire to a life full of meaningful service to others surrounded by those I love, while breeding Boxer dogs

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