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What I Play

What I Don't Play


P.H.D. is a broad, umbrella term I use to describe the kind of music I'm known for.   Here's what that means...



First and foremost, the music I play is positive. This means the music I play inspires... 

  • Celebration

  • Unity

  • Love

  • Harmony

  • Fun

  • Healthy attitudes, behaviors & relationships

  • Respect for others 



I'm known for playing music with clear beats and infectious grooves that all but move your body for you!  When you work with me, your crowd won't find themselves asking "what do I do to this song?"

Dance Music

This means I focus on playing music you can actually dance to! Specifically, I specialize in the following genres

  • Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

  • Pop

  • Rock

  • Disco

  • Retro Dance (80s, 90s, 00s, etc.)

I guess what I don't play can best be summed up as the opposite of what I do play. More specifically, it is not in line with my brand to play any music that is negative, low energy, or otherwise not danceable. Even more specifically, I don't play anything that ...

  • Is not generally considered danceable 

  • Is dark or otherwise depressing

  • Is angry or violent

  • Contains explicit language 

  • Contains explicit sexual content

  • Intentionally encourages or celebrates destructive, irresponsible, or unhealthy behaviors (e.g. drinking, drugs, sexual objectification, law-breaking, etc) 

  • Is disrespectful or derogatory toward an individual or group of people based on their identity (e.g. gender, race, religious belief, culture, political affiliation, ethnic background, etc.)

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