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My most recent (& most relevant) work centers on building, leading & scaling Experience Design capabilities for a variety of organizations. While there are some links to case studies and examples of the work I did. I'm happy to share my full design leadership portfolio as part of an interview. 

Founder, Fractional Design Exec.

Scaled design capabilities for a global retailer

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Vice President of Experience Design
Marathon Health

Established & drove Marathon Health’s multichannel Experience Design vision, strategy & roadmap. 

Director of Strategic Experience Design
Best Buy

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Built, led & scaled a new capability that applied the principles & techniques of Human-Centered Design to future-facing, strategic initiatives

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Built, led & scaled RBA's Digital Experience Design (DXD) capability encompassing Design Research, UX Strategy, Interaction Design & Visual Design

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Director, Digital Experience Design

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Built, led & scaled LifeTime’s first User Experience team

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Director, User Experience Design
Life Time Fitness



I’ve had the opportunity to work with (& for) a rich diversity of organizations as clients or as a member of their teams. As a result, I bring a well-rounded (& well-grounded) perspective to my work.



"When I first met Matthew, his energy made my day. Jumping up at the whiteboard to explain his philosophy on user centered design, I was an instant fan. Since then, he and I have partnered together on many complex engagements and I have found him to be not only a thoughtful and intelligent partner but also a kind and ever-optimistic ally for designers. Matthew always wants to give his best, do his best, make the best solution, and it's something that I, the teams he builds, and his clients have the utmost respect for."

CMO / Boutique Agency

"Matthew is inspirational and passionate about designing experiences and everything surrounding this discipline. His high-energy is contagious and he is a joy to work with. Matthew is process-oriented and an effective communicator. We benefited greatly from Matthew's experience, forward-thinking attitude and work ethic."

Creative Director / International Health & Fitness Company

"Matthew is one of the best leaders I've had the pleasure of working with. At his core, he's a teacher and coach, passionate about spreading the gospel of user centered design and getting to know and develop those on his team. He's kind of a mad scientist... and I absolutely loved it - he inspired everyone and constantly had fresh ideas to solve problems. I also learned and benefited tremendously from his style of leadership - which is open, direct, compassionate, and personal. I would love to work with him again and can't recommend him more highly."

Research Manager / National Digital Agency

"Matthew understands the value of both serving a team's autonomy and their greater alignment to priorities. I learned from him the power of unblocking teams to drive amazing outcomes. Working with Matthew, he always carried a deep knowledge and expertise of HCD practices and more importantly how to apply them to changing our internal culture (which is quite the task at a company as large as ours). With his leadership and skills we were able to grow a CX organization and build up the HCD acumen of our entire company both rapidly and effectively."

Agile Coach / International Retailer

"Matthew began when the team was brand new, beaten down and uncertain of our purpose. He brought curiosity, compassion, direction, humor, and a positive silver lining to the toughest of situations. He sat down, listened, and dove-in head first to pave the way – all with a smile and sometimes goofy laugh and dad jokes. He took our team from an untested glimmer of a wild and crazy idea to a solid and respected group who has made a huge impact on the overall organization. He evangelized the power of human-centered design across the organization, and raised the bar on our practice and our outcomes. I am so proud of the work we did together and the team we built. We could not have gotten here without Matthew."

Design Manager / National Retailer

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